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What makes me different from a personality and approach standpoint than the other mayoral candidates?


That’s the question someone who has been in the media for several years asked me the other day


Out of the group, I am the most progressive candidate. I have a proven track record of being fiscally responsible and driving the economy while at the same time ensuring those in need are cared for.


The other difference is I am by nature a change agent.


My professional career fit my personality as it saw me in roles that were leading edge and setting the stage for industry change. I had a career of launching new technologies, products, and services.


My previous political roles saw me chase the AMAZON HQ2 opportunity that drove business interest in our area , launch the Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) initiative, which strategically leveraged public funding to incent broadband expansion into underserviced communities, create an economic development platform that is now used across the province and change the OPP billing model, which reduced policing costs to many communities by 100’s of thousands of dollars per year.


What do I want to see change in Barrie?


I want to see the affordable housing and homelessness mandate removed from the County of Simcoe and see Barrie council and staff plan, implement and manage this portfolio.


I want to see a dramatic change of pace in the planning and building departments: Speed to market, especially for housing units, is a must!


I want to see a hands-on, council-led economic development agenda, complete with measurable outcomes.


I want to see Barrie be a great deal more proactive about growth.


We need an outcome-driven vision. Our city is growing, and we need to plan today for a community that provides housing, jobs and recreational opportunities for all of us, our kids and our grandchildren. What type of provincial and federal funding will we need to support this?


How will we address the poverty and homelessness issues that come with growth? What will our new housing stock, high rises and office complexes need to be to save the environment?


We need to look beyond a four-year council term.

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