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Among our vulnerable in Barrie are seniors – those struggling to live independently at home and those in long-term care.


Although these are not municipal issues, I as mayor would certainly hold the province accountable to deliver on their funding promises that include funding multiple long-term care components. A particular priority would be ensuring that the province is living up to its air conditioning commitment.


Beyond holding the province accountable to its commitments, I would wish to see city council fully engage in how we can accelerate moving towards a community-based LTC model -- a model that would see multiple seniors receiving the care they need while residing in a smaller residential home-style setting.


While the interior of the home would be designed in a significantly different manner than a normal residential home, the exterior of the home would be no different and would aesthetically fit into the neighbourhood.


My previous political roles saw me have great success at changing past provincial legacy service delivery models. 

Rather than arriving at Queens Park with a problem to be solved. I arrived with a well thought-out solution.

Early in the next council term I would like to see council working with staff to develop a solid white paper strategy that would highlight a pathway to a new model that will better serve our seniors and provide them with the care, dignity and safety they deserve.

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