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There are several reasons why people prefer to live in multi generational homes. There is an opportunity to share expenses, responsibilities, strengthen family bonds and increase safety.

As we are all aware, the cost of everything has risen to a point of placing a financial strain on many households.


A multi generational home provides an opportunity for housing costs to be shared, it can negate the need for childcare expenses, care for the elderly, a distribution of household chores and a sharing of bills such as groceries.


As our city grows a percentage of our new housing stock must accommodate multiple families living under one roof. From a city planning perspective our water, wastewater and utility infrastructure must be designed to accommodate the demand.

Driveways must accommodate multiple cars in an appropriate manner. Portions of the subdivision must be designated to overflow parking and visitor parking.


We need to have a vision for our city based on where we are headed. Clearly Multi generational homes are in our future, and we need to properly plan today in order to accommodate our needs of tomorrow.


As mayor I am committed to be at the front of the train looking to where we are headed.

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