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My thoughts on action required over the next council term.

1 - Align with municipalities that share our Lake to ensure that as mayors we speak with one voice. While a mayor has a strong platform from which to speak, multiple mayors speaking as one on Lake Simcoe protection issues amplifies the message.

2 - Given the Hwy 404 link is going to be built, we need to ensure Minister Mulroney and her staff complete and meet the pre-construction environmental and mitigation commitments made.


3 - Hold the Provincial Conservatives accountable to follow the Lake Simcoe Protection legislation.


4- Work with our Members of Parliament to hold the Federal Liberals to their Lake Simcoe protection and funding election promises.


5 - From a city perspective ensure we make decisions that consider the impact they may have on our climate, environment, and lake. To be more specific I am speaking of municipal efforts related to items such as climate mitigation, green energy conversion and reducing our runoff particularly salt and phosphorus.

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