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"Your Money Matters"


What inspires me to be Barrie's next Mayor?
You. Your family. Our community. Our Future.

Running for Mayor is a public job interview.

You should be provided a resume.

Here is mine


Warden of the County of Simcoe

With 16 member municipalities, the County of Simcoe serves 480,000 residents spread across 4900 square kilometers, people who live in 93 communities – be they cities, towns, villages or hamlets. With an annual operating budget of $500 million, the county employs 1800 people, who provide public services including land ambulance, paramedicine, long-term care, social service coordination, housing supports, environmental services and preschool supports. As Warden I was the elected head of council and I led a council team comprised of 16 mayors and 16 deputy mayors.


Mayor of the Town of Penetanguishene

A picturesque community on the shores of Georgian Bay and home to 9,000 people, the Town of Penetanguishene has an annual budget of $21 million dollars and a staff complement of 56.

Recognizing that business and investment do not see municipal borders, I led an effort with my neighbouring mayors that saw the creation of an North Simcoe Economic Development Corporation, which is now instrumental in driving investment, growth and business retention to the four local communities.

Chair, Western Wardens Caucus of Ontario

The Western Wardens represent 15 counties/regions/districts that are home to 3.5 million people residing in 322 communities. I championed an initiative that saw us receive $180 million in Provincial and Federal funding to launch our SWIFT (high speed Fibre) initiative that will see us deliver high speed broadband via fibre optics, to every business, home, business and farm house.

Board Chair SWIFT Inc.

Our receiving the $180 million in funding changed the SWIFT initiative from a political effort to a fully-fledged start-up company. As Board Chair I led the effort that saw SWIFT complete its collaboration agreements with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and release Request for Proposals to the private sector. SWIFT is now delivering internet services to under-served areas.


The early days (multiple roles)

Starting as a pole climbing lineman, I worked my way through the blue-collar ranks to the supervisory levels of the Engineering and Planning division. I was promoted into the managerial ranks running the operations of several divisions. My career ultimately found me in the role of acting Vice President of Operations, Engineering and Planning for the Province of British Columbia. In this role I managed the operations that served seven cities. I worked with 15 direct reports and 500+ employees.

Senior Director of Customer Delivery

In telecommunications, I served as part of a management team that launched a start-up telecommunication company that delivered digital wireless cable, internet service, and web hosting services in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. During my tenure, the organization grew from 6 employees to more than 400. My role saw me responsible for all elements of customer service operations -- from sales to customer support in the call centre to onsite installation and service.

Vice President of Operations

Responsible for annual budgets in excess of $75 million dollars per year, as well as the installation and service delivery operations for the province of Ontario, I worked with 16 direct reports to manage a staff complement of 650 full-time and contracted employees who served 650,000 customers across Ontario. Led a total re-organization of the division’s processes and procedures.

Divisional President - Vice President Business Development

A dual role: As President I was responsible for the operations of a Telephone service provider while my role as Vice-President saw me responsible for the worldwide operations and growth of a Video Conferencing division. Proud to have been part of a company that was recognized as one of Canada’s 50 best managed firms for an unprecedented seven consecutive years.


My wife and I ran two successful small retail businesses located on the Main Streets of Midland and Penetanguishene -- a custom-built furniture and home decor retail store in Midland and a Tea Room and Catering store in Penetanguishene.

I currently have the pleasure of working with my son Steve. We turn shipping containers into affordable housing units. Our projects have included 16 units in North Bay, 16 units in Sturgeon Falls, 27 units in Orillia and we are currently working on 6 units in Barrie.


  • Proven ability to work with all parties.

  • As mayor and warden, I built strong relationships with the premier and senior ministers.

  • Met consistently with the leaders of the two other provincial parties.

  • Convinced TD Bank CEO Ed Clark to allow Simcoe County to bid on the Amazon HQ 2 opportunity.

  • Reduced Penetanguishene policing costs by $600,000 per year.

  • Acquired over $250,000,000 in grants and funds during my political tenure

  •  Particularly humbled by this one. Unbeknownst to me, staff submitted my name and highlighted my efforts to drive our local economy for consideration to the Economic Developers Council of Ontario for the 2016 Community Leader Influencer of the Year award. While I did receive the award the greater honor was to be even considered by staff in this light.


I bring with me proven business acumen, proven political leadership and have proven myself to be a community builder.

For effective leadership and action, elect Gerry Marshall Mayor of Barrie.

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