"Your Money Matters"


 What inspires me to be Barrie's next Mayor?
You. Your family. Our community.

Life in Barrie is becoming is increasingly unaffordable for many of us. This unaffordability is impacting the quality of life for you and your family. We need to reverse this trend while at the same time valuing your tax dollars.


Taxes are high. Housing costs are out of control. Rents is unaffordable. Gas prices are at an all-time high.

The prime purpose of a city is to be a place where residents can live, work, play, and thrive. The reality is that fewer and fewer of us in Barrie, can afford to live here and many are no longer thriving. Things need to change.

I am running for Mason and Mac’s Mom. A mother who is concerned about what lies ahead for her 18-year-old son when he graduates from Georgian next year. She is worried about what happens next for her 22-year-old son who has just graduated from university. Where will they work? How will they be able to get out on their own? What does the future look like for them in Barrie?

I am running so that residents such as Kody, his wife, and their newborn child do not have to consider relocating to the East coast in order to feel like they have a chance at an affordable lifestyle.

I am running for my grandkids as they will be the future generation of Kody’s, Mac’s, and Masons.

"I am running because I recognize that

how we spend your money matters,

especially in these economically challenging times."



Barrie has a substantial homeless population. Many of the people we see on the streets are homeless, and not by choice.  


I am running for those looking to change their lot in life and build a life. A community is judged on how it treats its most vulnerable – this includes those struggling with addictions. Those struggling to be, and stay, housed. It includes working with charities and their volunteers who work to support those in need of a helping hand.

The opioid crisis is impacting the quality of life for not just those struggling with addictions, but also for those trying to operate a business and those shopping in our city core. I am running to ensure our downtown core is vibrant, safe and welcoming for all.

I am running so that our seniors can afford to stay in their homes or to afford quality care alternatives in our city should the need arise.

I am running to halt those lengthy commutes, with a focus on economic development that will grow business and industry allowing us to work within our city borders.

The #1 asset used by residents on daily basis is our roads. I am running to stay on top of road repairs, pothole maintenance and slowing down the speed of traffic, especially through our neighborhoods.

Barrie is a diverse and inclusive community, we have long-term residents, new to Barrie residents, and people from various walks of life. I am running to ensure every neighborhood feels safe, secure, and welcoming for one and all. I truly believe that great cities are built upon great neighborhoods.

I am running because I recognize that how we spend your money matters, especially in these unaffordable times.